Scale Models

San Francisco Cable Car

This model San Francisco Cable Car, which I built just before we moved away from the San Francisco area back to Scotland, is is the Occre Kit was a 1:24 scale. Fairly simple to put together, just follow the instructions takes a couple of days mainly because you will need to let paint dry, etc.

About the only painful bit during construction were the windows.First the window frames, to which the clear Styrene is attached, did not match the cutouts in the main body of the cable car. The frames we significantly small, which seemed to have been caused by the laser cutting of the wood basically being to high (excessive burning marks could be seen on the sheets). I would recommend inspecting this before buying if you can as I had to build shims to reduce the size of the window cutout and then file and trim everyone individually.

The second problem with the windows was the effect of using CA Glue (Cyanoacrylate) in the model, first don”t use it to a fix the Styrene to the wooden window frames, use a specific glue for ”clear parts” like Testors Clear Parts glue or to will get very messed up windows. The next thing is clean the windows after putting them in place otherwise if you leave grease from your finder on them and start constructing the rest of the model with CA Glue you get what I am calling the ”Criminal Forensics” effect – your finder prints will start appearing from even the small amounts of fumes.

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